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          Welcome to Anhui steel pipe manufacturing Co., ltd.!
          National Service Hotline:0563-8177666 / 8177508
          Warranty inquiry
          Domestic: 0563-8177666 Foreign: 0563-8177508
          • MORE>>Introduce

            Anhui, the birthplace of one of rising steel pipe manufacturing Co., Ltd. is lo...

          • MORE>>organizational structure

            The perfect system structure, high efficiency and strict operation mechanism i...

          • MORE>>Speech by Chairman

            The pace of the times has been moving forward, Yingsheng companies after years ...

          • MORE>>Enterprise idea

            For the letter, and, innovation, enterprise philosophy is the highest level of ...

          • MORE>>Equipment

          • Austenitic Stainless Steel
          • Duplex stainless steel pipe
          • Stainless steel seamless tube
          • Seamless sanitary tube
          • Stainless Steel Tubes
            • Pitting corrosion of stainless steel, causes and prevention methods
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